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Updated: Dec 15, 2020

OK, so you need your <newsletter, branding, logo> designing but you are unsure of the next steps...

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to have a browse through my website. You have landed here because you have a design need. Let me explain my design process in a few unscary steps. Don't worry, you don't need to be a designer to follow them. They are a simple and effective way of working out what you need and why.

“Graphic design is important for any business wanting to make a positive, lasting impression. Good design can set your apart from your competition, promote trust and draw new business.”

1. Tell me more...

I need to gain an understanding of what you want to achieve. This can include;

• Who your target audience is

• The problem you are facing

• Information about your business

Through answering a series of straight-forward questions, we can create a brief – a set of instructions, outlining your goals.

The next step is information gathering. I begin research into your area of expertise, find out whether you have any competitors and who your audience is. All of these things will have an impact on the direction we take any future designs.

2. Problem solving

So, we now have lots of information to work with, the next step is good old fashioned brainstorming. Yep, those mind maps really help get the creative juices flowing and help me to figure out how I plan to solve your design dilemma. Next, is one of my favourite stages in the design process...

3. Oodles of doodles

Technically it should be called sketching, but sometimes my ideas rush out onto any scrap of paper in minuscule and I create a series of doodles. The example below shows the evolution of a concept for an outdoor photographer.

The design process is now well underway and having come up with some workable solutions on paper I take them on-screen for development.

Beautiful, clear and balanced typography is my passion... OK, I've just used a technical word, but fear not, this is where I draw on over 15 years of design experience. (OK it's more like 18+, but I'm not counting the early days as I found my feet as a fledgling designer!). The right font and hierarchy can set the tone of your design and I will fully explain the reasoning for my choices.

4. The proof is in the...

proofing... with concepts at the ready it's time to let you see my ideas. I will email a pdf proof to you for discussion along with a statement to explain how I think the ideas will work for you.

I love hitting the nail on the head, but occasionally a little twoing and froing is necessary. Yes I need your trust in my design skills, but this is a two-way street and your opinion counts as we work together to create something that works for you and that you can be proud of.

5. Let's do this!

The design has been agreed. The style and tone are harmonious, the fonts and colours a perfect fit. I supply all file types that you need; from high resolution print-ready pdfs to jpgs and pngs for social media accounts; plus a.i files for large format printing, signage, promotional items and clothing – PHEW!


This doesn't have to be the end... I pride myself in building excellent relationships with my clients, and as a small business repeat custom fills me with joy. As a specialist in design for print, I can provide quotes for all of your printing needs. I will take care of the whole process: sending files, liaising with printers and arranging delivery to your door.

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