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Logo design costs – your brand in good hands

Did you know, you have two seconds to sell yourself to your potential customer?

Just two seconds to convince them that you and your products are worth any consideration.

So how can you achieve this when your biggest audience may be online? Well, if you want to make the best first impression, your logo needs to do the talking.

The bottom line is, a good logo is memorable and it grabs attention. Attention spans are short these days. Social media posts and website searches can be scanned at speed. So, it’s time to stand out and get some professional help.

“... to make the best first impression, your logo needs to do the talking.”

So who do you trust...

Think about your own investment in your business. You may have already spent time and money developing and building something that you can be proud of. You need your designer to feel the same, and allow them to ‘want’ to invest the right amount of time to create your logo and start building a successful brand.

It takes energy, passion and years of training for designers to be good at creating logos. The process involves hours of research, conceptualising and drafting. We take time to revisit, tweak and work with you. This is a team effort and your thoughts count.


Beware the designer who simply ‘knows’ what you want, and “you’re gonna love it”...

By far, the most important tool to ensure that the designer you use gets the design right, is the design brief. As a professional designer I provide a series of straight-forward questions and from this we can create a brief – a set of instructions, outlining your goals and defining your needs, before we even make a start.

Devils in the detail

The details are important. Every element of your logo helps to convey a message about your brand. Elements such as colour, fonts and shape. These elements are the lifeblood of the graphic designer. Achieving the right balance and harmony is an essential skill. Such skills can come naturally and are nurtured through years of graft, or crafted through the education system and work experience beyond. Either way, the designer you choose to work with will have already invested time and effort to perfect their craft.


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Beware the stock image design

Stock images are an invaluable tool for a designer. They are a cost effective way of bringing life to creative work – when used in a meaningful and thoughtful way. However, beware the use of stock imagery within your logo. You not only run the risk of, “I’m sure I’ve seen that somewhere before”, but also that ‘somewhere’ could be potentially damaging to your brand. They are generic by nature and available to all. It’s also more difficult to avoid visual clichés. After all, matey who uploaded the logo for [INSERT COMPANY NAME HERE], has sold the same pair of scissors in a circle logo to four other hairdressers... this week! :D

So if your logo is turned around in hours rather than days, suspect some use of stock imagery may be at play.

Say no to visual clichés and overused stock imagery.

Telling your story

Remember, your logo is the foundation of your brand identity - the core values of your business that will be reflected through avenues such as social media, printed literature, websites and signage. Get it right and you will be telling your story and instilling trust in your business. That’s got to be worth paying for and entrusting to a qualified designer.


Take-away top five

1. Invest in your business identity

2. Beware of stock images

3. Expect a design brief

4. Collaborate

5. Trust your skilled professional

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