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Helping to make your business memorable with the best first impression.

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I can help you communicate with your audience

I love to help fledgling businesses build their brand. By creating well-designed, thoughtful solutions, I can help boost the strength of your brand by encouraging trust in your business and enhancing sales.

A professional logo is the face of your company and first impressions count! 


Your logo is a great place to start and the process is simple. I guide you all the way from initial ideas to finished concept. This includes thorough research into your business, your aims and also your competition. I supply all of the files you need for both print and digital use and provide highly competitive print quotes, as we take your new logo across all media to help build your brand. Find out more about the design process here, in my blog. 

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case study hand drawn logo
From draft to design
I can refresh your existing graphics

Have you outgrown your current graphics? Perhaps you have a few years under your belt and you now have a fantastic established business but your competition or audience has changed.

Your logo may no longer fit the bill.

Let me bring it up-to-date with my logo refresh service. Think of it as a make-over using your existing design. This could mean a tweak, a more modern font or a new colour palette. Some elements can be developed and built upon. Get in touch to find out more.

green circle Drayton Tree Care old logo refresh
From simple to striking. Logo refresh for Drayton Tree Care.
Green caring hands tree shape logo Drayton tree care
Branding, advertising & print

Creating a strong, consistent look and feel across your whole business, builds a recognisable brand and sets you apart from your competition. You need to be noticed and you want your business taken seriously, so make the most of your new graphics. Get seen on printed literature, invoices, clothing, stationery and signage.

Creative graphics communicate with your audience and a bespoke design can help tell your story.

With a strong, familiar brand and cohesive and appealing advertising or promotional materials, I can help you to build trust within the marketplace making it more likely for customers to recommend your work, and for those recommendations to turn into further business. Get in touch for a competitive design and print quote.

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