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Period Homes, was my 'baby' for two and a half years. During that time I had the pleasure of redesigning the magazine from cover to cover.


Period Homes & Interiors, as it was originallly titled, was looking for a much-needed revamp, including new masthead and features throughout.

The introduction of some beautiful italic scripts, a heavier focus on shopping pages and the introduction of some dynamic layouts, breathed new life into the title.

KoltGD Designed all editorial content, took care of all pre-press and production of final high resolution pdfs for print.

13 issues per year, 114 pages total.



Country kitchen – a magazine designed
for readers looking for inspiration and recipes for cooking traditional, seasonal food. Redesigned for Kelsey Media.

KoltGD Designed all editorial content, took care of all pre-press and production of final high resolution pdfs for print.

12 issues per year, 114 pages total.


• Kelsey Media •

COUNTRY kitchen


Kate Holt worked with me for three years on the design of Grow it! magazine, a national consumer gardening title. I found Kate's approach to design a breath of fresh air. Kate came with some original ideas and a genuine eye for detail that saw the magazine evolve into something really very beautiful. She has a fantastically intuitive approach to design that instills confidence. Kate's work ethic is professional and efficient yet personable. 

If you are considering a designer with fresh ideas and who can get the job done to the highest of standards, I'd suggest you look to approaching Kate.

Benedict Vanheems, Freelance Copywriter at Codename Media Ltd. Previously editor of Grow it!

Kate is an excellent magazine designer. Her attention to detail is brilliant and she has the ability to work with initiative and imagination, even under the tightest of timescales. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a thoroughly reliable and personable professional.

Chris Graham, Editor Practical Poultry.

Practical Poultry – Advice for both
new and seasoned poultry keepers on health,
homing, feeding and up-to

-date industry news. 

KoltGD had the pleasure of redesigning

the magazine from cover to cover.

Introducing more dynamic layouts and giving structure to important content, 

whilst ensuring the practical elements remained easy to navigate. 


• Kelsey Media •

Grow -it! – a magazine designed for the enthusiastic kitchen gardener, with ideas for both large and small scale projects. Practical advice, step-by-steps and q&a's.

KoltGD also designed the free seeds packet, which accompanied the
magazine each month.


• Kelsey Media •

Grow it!

Practical Poultry

• Kelsey Media •


A bi-monthly series, designed for the

owners of pets – of the small and furry variety. Case studies, pet health, small animal focus and q&a's.

Small furry Pets



Newsletters are a cost-effective medium for building relationships and maintaining regular contact with customers and prospects.

The Red Tractor and Bowler Eggs newsletters are sent to scheme and company members at regular intervals. This helps them to stay in touch with all members, as well as share important industry updates, news and events that are relevant to their readership. Red Tractor send both printed and emailable versions to all members – these contain links to more detailed articles on their website, as well as external web pages.


For over ten years I have worked as art editor on a number of top titles, in genres ranging from farming, gardening and wildlife to cooking and period home interiors. Each with its own challenges and schedules, but never was a deadline missed. I have had the pleasure of working with some excellent editors who have allowed me to draw on my creative experience and help direct the feel and style of the layouts.


I have designed all editorial content and taken care of production, including all pre-press requirements; created final high resolution pdfs, and supplied to print.


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